Online journalism is a process that has been in use for the past years by newspapers industries,journalist e.t.c.to report facts produced and distributed through the internet.It has been noticed that people no longer buy the printed out newspapers except they want to keep it for reference purposes but the internet users sees it has a readily available and less costly network.

The internet makes news more interesting because of the interactivity and multimedia like videos,audios e.t.c. that are used.The online news organization is increasingly gloomy about its financial future and online journalist are optimistic,reporting expanding newsroom.

The internet has challenged traditional news industries in several ways to say that there is the fear that it might lose its contents to websites.


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We are 100level student of the university of lagos,studing masscommunication.
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  1. The assignment is: “In not more than 500 words, discuss online journalism in Nigeria”. As with the other paper too many grammatical errors. Please effect corrections.

    Ifeoma T. Amobi

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